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    Whether you prefer your blueberries mixed in the batter or on top of your pancakes

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    #PrettySeal#Fresh fruit is part of a healthy balanced breakfast. Don't be the person that just keeps fruit in the 'fruit' drawer of the fridge. Be better and preserve them in vacuum sealed bags firs

  • Vacuum Sealer Bag

    Rolling into the Moment. Good news... our vacuum sealer rolls are back in stock! Perfect for making custom size bags for those odd shaped items. Shop the Rolls at the Link below!....https://www.a

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    Have you tried #sousvide steak? Kick the flavor up a notch with this miso chili recipe. Click the link in bio to shop our PrettySeal Sous Vide Vacuum Sealing Bags.....

  • 20x30cm Vacuum Sealer Bag

    Who doesn�檛 love a grab-and-go snack pack? .

  • Why Vacuum & Seal ?

    Air is the enemy of freshness and the primary cause of freezer burn and dehydration in foods stored in the freezer, refrigerator and pantry.